Air Cadet Leadership Course

  • Friday, January 06, 2017

Air Cadet Leadership Course

Central and East Region have 22 places on the Air Cadet Leadership Course to be held over the below weeks at RAFC Cranwell.

114 ACLC 08 – 15 Jul 17
115 ACLC 15 – 22 Jul 17
116 ACLC 22 – 29 Jul 17
117 ACLC 29 Jul – 05 Aug 17

Essential Criteria
Cadets need to of reached their 16th Birthday by the start of their course and no older than 17 throughout their course.

Cadets must be capable of running 1½ miles and the timing of their timed run entered on the application form. There is no fixed “pass” standard for the run, nor does the ACLC require above-average fitness, but cadets who are clearly unfit are likely to have difficulties keeping up over an active week spent mostly outdoors.

Sgt is the highest rank permitted, FS and above will not be accepted.

Closing Date for applications to Wing HQ is 29th January 2017.

If you are interested then speak to Ma'am who will be able to give you details and help with your application.

Completion of the course will mean you will be awarded the leadership badge - possibly one of the new colour badges that are being launched this year (more details to follow another time on those).

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