Internation Air Cader Exchange

  • Monday, January 09, 2017

Internation Air Cader Exchange

At the Internation Air Cader Exchange Association Conference in Sep 16, the UK agreed to exchange 72 cadets and 9 escort officers outbound for the period 18 Jul to 2 Aug 17, although travel to some countries may extend this period.

The 12 countries exchanging with the UK are; Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Turkey and the USA. Adult escorts are required for Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand and the USA.

Provisional travel dates to depart and arrive back in UK are:

Australia. 16 Jul - 3 Aug
New Zealand. 16 Jul - 3 Aug
Hong Kong. 18 Jul - 2 Aug
Republic of Korea. 18 Jul - 2 Aug
Canada and the USA. 19 Jul - 2 Aug
Europe, Israel and Turkey. 19 Jul - 2 Aug

To all cadets over 18 on or before 16 Jul 2017 - here is the admin required for the International Air Cadet Exchange - to Australia and the US. Spaces are highly selective - BUT - not many people are making the effort to apply, so your chances are good. There are a number of forms to be completed in a Zipped folder (attached).


You will need a passport valid until Feb 2018 and you will need to submit a copy of the personal page of the passport.

40% of the cost will be contributed by Norfolk & Suffolk Wing, along with an expected grant from the Sqn Civ Com.

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